Jeff Koons for H&M

This past weekend H&M opened a brand new flagship store in NYC (48th St & 5Ave) which happens to be the largest H&M in the world in addition to launching their most recent collaboration with American Artist Jeff Koons. It has a total of six floors of men’s, women’s, children’s clothes and a newly added home department. Overall the store was nice and it had a classic H&M chic design to it however, I must say I was just a tad bit disappointed because I was expecting the collaboration to be an actual “fashion museum experience” actually blending fashion and art together for a different shopping experience. But, all we got was a classic Jeff Koons purse. Maybe I just had my hopes up high because I was definitely expecting to see mannequins popping out of the walls, doing flips, cut outs and interesting shapes, 3-D affects and some type of customer-store interaction… I just knew I was going to see something intricate and artistic, something to really make me say “WOW” but I got nothing! It was just another nice store with amazing visuals of course.

However, the good thing about attending the grand opening were the FREEBIES; I mean everybody loves FREE stuff! No matter what it is when you say the word “FREE” people just go crazy even if its something nobody wants like “dog poop” people are still going to turn their heads to see how they can get it. LOL! They handed out assorted goodie bags with T-Shirts, umbrellas and more. They also gave out gift card vouchers ranging from $10-$500 (so they say) besides myself it seemed like the twenty-five people in front and in back of me all had $10 gift cards. I was grateful for my little old $10 gift card though and I must say I definitely enjoyed the party like experience of the grand opening besides standing in line and in the heat (anybody that knows me knows I don’t do lines and I don’t do the heat LOL). I snapped a few pictures to share my experience with you all, I hope you enjoy!














It was also a pleasure of having my good friend and wonderful stylist Chrissy of along of me in the heat and enjoy the grand opening festivities.

Peace & Love,


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