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Hey Guys,

As you can see it’s been a minute since my last blog post! Being a full time student in school, working, trying to stay in the gym and have a social life and blog has definitely been a challenge-in which, it hasn’t been easy but I’m finding balance through it all and I’m glad to be back. The other day I was cleaning out my Mac book and I just so happened to stumble across these photos from a shoot I did way back in March; realizing I never posted them (yes, I know it’s July now, remember I’ve been busy LOL) I thought the timing could not have been better!

Now I know we all have those moments when you’re in a store either shopping or window shopping (because you’re on a budget haha) and you see a “MUST HAVE” item. Meaning you don’t care about the price, rather its on sale or not because you love it so much you’re going to buy it period! Well, that happened to me back in January as I was in Zara’s SoHo location during their winter sale… I was just browsing and didn’t see much of anything I wanted or really liked, oh BUT when I got to the end of the sale section and saw this tribal patterned cape, drape, poncho, whatever you want to call it! I ALMOST DIED! I’m talking about my eyes got SO BIG and I got SO EXCITED, I literally did almost die! LOL! I was just overwhelmed by the love and of course I didn’t care about the price, I was just glad they had my size so you know I bought it!

The funny thing about this is I didn’t even know what to wear with it! Yep, it ended up being “one of those” too… Clothes that you buy and you love so much but, you have no idea what you’re going to wear it LOL! Eventually after wearing it three different times and spending hours of creating chaos by tearing my closet apart and messing up room (I’m sure you can relate to that too) I finally came up with a look I thought was cool. Check it out, I hope you like! I didn’t know what to title this look and honestly I’m not good with those corny phrases and titles like “tribal fire” or “poncho my love” so this is where the look speaks for itself! Enjoy!











Shirt: Express | Pants: Zara | Poncho: Zara | Watch: Michael Kors | Three-Chain Necklace: TopShop | Headwrap/Turban: Topman

Photo Credit: Vonecia Carswell

Peace & Love,


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