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The Story

Fashion Week is a biannual coming-out party. Designers set the scene with their latest lines. Makeup artists face off with twists on trends. Hair stylists make waves with luxe looks. Everyone has an agenda.

Models become the vehicles for fulfilling the visions of others, even as they try to make a name for themselves. Beauty lies in the eyes of multiple stakeholders, and so does their fate.

In the midst of insurmountable and uncontrollable variables, models adapt an “always on” strategy to staying one step ahead. Readily equipped with smirks and pouts, they can charm the camera faster than it shutters.

But behind the autopilot appearance, between the primping and posing – escape these serene moments of natural beauty. The instant exists after the model realizes she’s noticed, but before she can switch on her model behavior. Neither candid nor coaxed, it captures an intimate expression that is untouched and untamed.

It’s raw. It’s rare. It’s real. And while it may be unfit for the runway, it’s a beauty that should never be under looked.

Take a look under the looks of Ready to Fish FW15.

NewModelAnika1 Anika2_3Anika4DressingWebAssign10AreYouReadyPinkBluePink2GroupReadyCoverfaceKseniya1 Kseniya2 multicolor2Dieynadee3DieynabaClothesFinal2

Post by Raegan Allsbrook

Photos by Raegan Allsbrook


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