Rock It Like You Just Bought It

Fashion week is something we all look forward to rather you are a blogger, stylist, a model, a designer or whoever you are. It’s like our Christmas but just like Christmas you don’t always get everything you want, so I was super excited for it but on the flip side I was like “ugh, what am I going to wear?” (Which is ALWAYS the question everyday of NYFW). This year I wasn’t financially able to go out and buy NEW clothes for NYFW looks. I had to use what I already had in my closet (deep down in my closet) which meant taking something old and taking some more old and remixing it to look like NEW. I mean hey, if you don’t have money to spend-you simply don’t have it to spend (live within your means)!

Now, I did have this thought of “Dang I can’t wear this” or “I can’t take a picture in this, because they already seen this on Instagram” but then I had a second thought and I’m like wait “Why do I care if they saw this on Instagram or not? Because shoot, they might’ve seen these pieces but they shole ain’t seen (surely didn’t see) me wear it like this! So I’m just going to rock it like I just bought it!” Plus, I’m not at the stage YET where I can buy something ONCE and never wear it again (but my time is coming haha). Let’s just keep it real; I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had these thoughts LOL.

Anyway, the beauty of this look was that I pulled in about 30 seconds giving absolutely no effort or thought really. This is amazing to me because sometimes it takes me up to an hour to get dressed, LOL; my room is a complete mess after constantly changing (switching this, changing that, taking this off and putting this on). However, since I was running late and rushing to get to a show “ain’t nobody had time for that!!” LOL. I also didn’t get a chance to do an official photo shoot for this look since I was on the run but, thankfully I was able to get back a few photos from other bloggers along side of my friends Chrissy and Roberto and they came out great!


Photo Credit:




Above: Chrissy Joy and I
Photo Credit: Roberto Johnson


Above: Roberto Johnson
Photo Credit: Wardrobe Breakdown


I was also interviewed by Sergio Silva. I was asked what inspired my look, I told him the same story and how it was the “freedom” of not knowing what I was going to wear that inspired the look!
Photo Credit: Vonecia Carswell

Shirt: Champon Vintage || Pants, Shoes: American Apparel || Watch: Michael Kors || Bracelet: Zara || Shades: Armani Exchange || Leather Portfolio: Armani Exchange

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