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Leather Lovin’


Fall is here and I’m pretty excited. This time of year is a bit weird but I like it. The days are always a surprise. Some days are cool & sunny, while some are just sunny. Transitional weather is fun for me because I can 1. sneak a few of my favorite summer items in…

Styled By A Fashion Freek

IMG_0166 copy

I’ve always wondered how I would look if someone else were to style me, just completely letting go and having no say so… What would I look like? How would it turn out? How would I feel? So for our first photo shoot I decided to give it a shot by letting Sasha style me,…

Fashion Freeks: A Fresh Beginning


On the very first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2014, Jordan and I decided to launch our blog because today marks the day of new beginnings. A new beginning of trends and style reports, but also a new start in both of our lives. We will consistently update our followers with the latest trends,…